• Red Wine


    Rapsani: The vineyards of Rapsani lie on the southern slopes of Mount Olympus, the Mountain of Gods. Specific vineyard sites are located in the driest and warmest parts of the slopes. The free draining gravel soils mixed with warm temperatures naturally encourage low yields. Due to the micro-climate conditions and cultivation techniques, Rapsani, has been able to grow Superior grapes. The 30 year old vines that make up this indigenous wine include Xinomavro (33%), Krassato (33%) and Stravroto (33%). Aged in oak barrels for three years Rapsani is a complex, elegant wine that is deep purple-red in color. This velvety, lush wine has hints of blackcurrants and licorice echoing nicely on its graceful finish.

  • White Wine


    Kouros:  The un-oaked dry white is crisp and elegant with pear-like fruitiness and a hint of melon on the finish.

    Agiorgitiko: is a fragrant black-skinned grape variety native to Nemea in southern Greece. It is one of the country’s most widely planted wine grapes after Xynomavro and goes by a number of local synonyms.  Agiorgitiko is the sole variety permitted in the Nemea appellation and performs admirably well in the hot Mediterranean climate there.

    Nemea is located in the northeast of the Peloponnese peninsula, 20 miles (35km) southwest of Corinth, Greece. Nemea is the largest single appellation in Greece and, to many people, represents the potential of Greece’s historic vineyards. Wine has been produced in the region for thousands of years, although the exact date is hard to pinpoint. Certainly wine consumption was very much part of the Nemean Games, a tradition of which persists to the present day.

    Roditis (pronounced row-DEE-tis, apparently): is a pink-skinned grape whose name comes from the Greek word "rodon" which means rose.  It is usually blended with Savatiano in the production of that Greek curiosity Retsina. Its home is in the northern part of the Peloponnese region of Greece, particularly around the port town of Patras.  Patras, the capital of Western Greece, is the third largest metropolitan area in the country and is thought to have been settled s

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